Friday, June 18, 2010

I finally found ....

A website that sells Tomme Tippee bottles for a reasonable price! Chloe loves these bottles and they fit perfectly in her hand, but they are impossible to find. The few sites I've found them either don't have any in stock or the price is double! These are awesome bottles for breastfed babies as the nipple shape is closer to a mother's natural shape. They are super soft and don't bother when she's teething! The website has so many baby products, including my favorite gDiapers in color two packs and the hard-to-find pink ruffle. I'm officially addicted. My husband can't work the gDiapers though, so I think I'll order more bumgenius all-in-ones just for him. I'll try anything to get him to change a diaper!
I'm massively addicted and obsessed with cloth diapers. They're so cute, and there's so many styles to choose from! And I really like the fact that if I don't like it, I can sell it and I haven't lost a bunch of money- unlike the 30 opened packs of disposables! I hate seeing all that wasted money just sitting around.

For less exciting news, both boys are sick. Austin has an ear infection and Will has a cold. Austin will be better within a week, Will tends to stay sick for a while. He's been so cranky- the only thing that made him happy yesterday was sitting in top of the kitchen table eating grapes from a cup. He refused a plate, but the cup was fun! Hopefully all the kids will sleep better tonight- I'm exhausted! Chloe was up until 4am, and Will woke up at 6. Mommy needs a nap!

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