Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm exhausted!

Bath time is getting to be quite a chore. I use to love giving the kids baths. We could talk and play and splash happily with no care. Now, it's a 2 hour marathon of running around, finding and changing clothes, cleaning up water, fixing bottles and sippy cups and lots of tears. Will loves the bath. He hates getting out. Every night he has a meltdown when he's asked to get out. Austin could care less either way, but is so difficult to wash! He doesn't wash himself well, just his thighs and belly area. So Mommy has to take over. Chloe won't sit still to save her life. She gets so excited and kicks and wiggles. She requires all hands on deck. By the time all is said and done, and I'm through running up and down the stairs getting everyone tucked in, I am exhausted! And ready for dinner! :) Man I wish I could afford a nanny...

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