Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've realized...

My kids have taken over my life. If I want to run to the store, I have to think if it's really worth getting three kids dressed, loaded, and unloaded then taking them in the store, repeat. I no longer think "What do I want for dinner?" anymore. It's turned into "What can I make for the kids?" And as I sit in my newly cleaned house, I realize they have taken over that too. My living room is a mass of baby products, my kitchen has transformed into baby-proof zone and I step over toys daily. I dream of what my living room will look like as my kids grow. No longer will there be two highchairs, a bouncer, a swing, a pack-n-play...soon these will be replaced with backpacks and school books, sneakers and gym bags, and crowded with friends. And when I think of teenagers taking over my house, I much prefer the baby things. Though I can't help but think how much space I'll have. There won't be an entire cabinet dedicated to bottles and baby food. There won't be a closet full of diapers and crib sheets. And, someday, there will no longer be three overflowing toy boxes. I don't want to rush the baby phase, and I try to enjoy every possible moment with my precious little ones, but my mind tends to wander. What will I do with my time when I'm not playing peek-a-boo and changing diapers all day? I suppose I will go back to work one day, but for now I'm enjoying my kids. Even if it means having a cluttered home.

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