Sunday, September 12, 2010

Will Dancing

WOW- It's been too long!

I realize I haven't updated updated in a while. There has been so much going on in life! Austin in school, the babies having health issues, moving, job changes and so much more!
Lee starts school tomorrow! We are planning to go to Nashville and get everything finalized and hit up the VA to apply for more funds, check on his missing disability payment and ensure the GI bill is approved. Busy day!
Austin is doing great in school now! They switched him to 80% special needs class, and increased his speech therapy. I can tell a big difference. He is talking better and learning so much!
Will and Chloe both have a lovely rash, which seems to be spreading down their legs. We are testing for allergies, monitoring diet and have changed or eliminated everything that touches the skin. We are still on steroid treatments, but with no improvement. We go back to the dr this week to see a dermatologist.
As for me, I get to keep it all together! We've been busy finding and applying for new housing. We need to move closer to school and better jobs. My life has been hectic, but showing signs of improvement! :)