Friday, June 4, 2010


It's 10pm, ALL the kids are sleeping, and I'm up waiting on hubby. But I did get a short nap today! :) MIL took the boys for the afternoon while Chloe and I got some rest.
Today is hubby's birthday- he's now 27. That seems so old! I've never paid much attention to our age difference, but 21 and 27 seems like such a big gap. I like to remind him he's pushing 30. :) I think I'll let him sleep in tomorrow, at least for a bit, then we'll just have a quiet night at home. Or, at least as quiet as it can be with three kids.
I've been shopping around for a new baby carrier. My favorite sling was recalled, and the one I have now is bulky and difficult to work. Between that and my cloth diaper addiction, we're going to be forever broke. But I haven't bought anything in over a week. :( I'm hoping to get just a few more diapers to complete my stash, once I sell off my small diapers, and then be done with it. But they're just so cute and hard to resist!!

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