Monday, August 1, 2011

My List

Here is my list of things to do for the next 30 days. Again, tailor your list to fit your needs.

30 Days of Cleaning List:

-take out trash
-separate and wash dishes
-sweep floor
-clean stove (top and front)
-clean refrigerator
-scrub counter tops
-scrub table, put on new table cloth and place mats
-scrub walls (fingerprints and pen marks by homework station)

-wash diapers first
-table cloth, towels, high chair cover, dish rags
-blankets, kid clothes
-bedding, extra blankets
-Lee's clothes
-Mommy's clothes
-pillows, bath mat
-fold and put away as each load is done

-pick up clothes, towels, toys, etc
-clean out and fill soap bins
-clean sink and drain
-scrub tub, faucet, shower head
-clean toilet
-clean off shelves, medicine cabinet

-empty and wash toy box
-put all toys away, toss broken toys
-scrub dressers, doors, baseboards, beds
-wash stuffed animals, bed rail cover, curtains
-hang diaper organizer
-clean under beds
-scrub and vacuum carpet
-clean (sanitize) mattresses and put on clean bedding
-store extra bedding in closet drawers
-wash foam mattress pad

Master Bedroom:
-pick up and bag all clothes
-put all shoes in basket (in closet)
-take out all trash
-dust walls, ceiling, fan, dressers
-hang all clean laundry
-store purses, suitcases, and other bags in plastic tub (in closet)
-store all unused items (spare alarm clock, back massager, etc) in plastic tub (in closet)
-clean out large dresser; store socks, underwear, and out of season clothing
-clean air unit
-wash blinds

Living Room:
-take out all trash
-pick up and bag all clothes and other laundry
-put all toys in nursery
-move storage tubs to upstairs room
-fix and fill shoe rack, extras go in bedroom closet
-put all tools, paint, xbox and computer parts in storage tub upstairs
-dust all surfaces
-clean air unit
-scrub and vacuum floors
-clean off and organize bookshelf
-move tacklebox, fishing poles, extra tool box upstairs
-hang purse, backpacks, and diaper bags on coat rack
-scrub walls and doors
-move file boxes and all paperwork to new filing cabinet

Hall Closet:
-sort and re-organize medicine bins
-wash and fold extra blankets and bedding in storage tub 9bottom of closet)
-put all school supplies, arts & crafts, games on top shelf
-move all cleaners to laundry shelf in kitchen
-scrub closet door

-take out all trash
-sort, wash and put away all Austin's clothes that still fit, suitable for school
-clean (sanitize) mattress and put on new bedding
-clean and store ferret cage and accessories
-clean out closet
-move drawers, bookshelf and chair to corner
-scrub walls, baseboards and doors
-straighten up storage closet

-clean off and scrub washer and dryer
-vacuum hallway
-scrub walls and baseboards in hallway
-set up laundry system in hallway
-scrub back door area
-clean off front porch and surrounding area
-store extra laundry baskets upstairs
-clean out and scrub inside fridge and freezers

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