Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3

30 Days of Cleaning: Day 3
Today's tasks are:
-clean out and organize hall closet
-pick up living room
-laundry: more kids clothes, extra bedding, pillows
-if I have time, fold and organize all diapers. With one almost completely potty trained, I can stash some of his day time diapers away and pull out the big boy underwear. But this involves being in the nursery, so can't be accomplished during nap time. Daddy will have to take over for a while.

Lee was pretty impressed with the bathroom and actually managed to not make a mess, and he promised to help in the kitchen this week. If nothing else got done, I would be satisfied knowing he at least wants to help now.

Day 3: Done!
Closet is all neat and organized, living room was picked up (twice, darn kids!), laundry is washed and still drying, and I even managed to get some diapers folded!




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