Friday, August 5, 2011

30 Days of Cleaning Day 5

Day 5:
Today's tasks are out of order, but, 'the show must go on!' Since I had a sleeping child in my bedroom yesterday, I was not able to get much work done in there. So I worked more in the living room instead. So today I need to get done what I should have done yesterday.
-pick up laundry in bedroom
-vacuum living room
-fold and put away clean laundry

I now have 7 loads of clean clothes to put away, but I'm not adding much more to my list for today. Once I get my bedroom in decent shape, I can work on thoroughly deep cleaning each room next week. Then organizing specific sections the next week. Then repairs and maintenance the last week. We actually got a couple repairs done yesterday, since I didn't want to do nothing, but couldn't work on my scheduled chores. Fixed a door, cleaned out the vacuum, fixed the shoe rack, bolted down the toybox, and moved more things to upstairs storage. This allowed me to get more work done in the living room, like cleaning off the couch, getting rid of an oldchair, wiping down the fingerprints and filing some papers. Not major work, but more than the picking up I did before and allows for easier deep cleaning next week. The nursery still got done, so the day wasn't a total waste. Hoping Day 5 is pretty productive!

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