Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7

Furniture has been delivered, assembled, and is looking fantastic! This gives me even more motivation to continue on my cleaning challenge! Last night I managed to fold and put away several loads of clothes, in the nursery, while the babies were sleeping. I was quite proud! So on to Day 7 tasks...
-wash, fold and put away: Lee's clothes for the week, blankets, and another load of diapers.
-scrub down kitchen table, freezer, counters, and windows
-attempt to make more progress in my bedroom. Though this may get put on hold until Monday. Lee is trying to encourage me to get out of the house while he watches the kids. I'm undecided if I'll go or what I'll do, but if I can, I would rather get a small break than clean some more. While I'm excited about my progress, and really motivated to keep going, I am starting to freak out when I have to leave the house. I have been to my parents' house a couple times a month, and a few trips to the dr, maybe a handful of times to the store at 2am. But I still freak out around people. I have no idea why. I've gotten so used to being at home all the time, that I can't even function in a normal society. So right now, getting over my fear is slightly more important than more cleaning. But I do plan to finish the kitchen and laundry before doing anything else.

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