Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 10

Today was another simple day. Lee had to do some household repairs, which required me to contain the babies, so there wasnt much I could do.

-laundry:diapers, Lee's clothes, kids clothes, spare bedding. All done!
-fix nursery door and pick up nursery-done!
-fold a few more baskets of clothes-done!

I was not planning on making a big dinner, but that changed last minute so I made a big pot of chicken and dumplins, which took much longer then the burgers I planned on having.
Also managed to wash a few dishes and pick up the bathroom. Yay me!

I was hoping for more progress this week, but between family visits, surprise errands, and a teething toddler, I got less done than I hoped for. But tomorrow ia another day, with room for growth and more progress!

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