Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going To Bed?

Upon arriving home shortly after midnight, I *thought* I'd grab a quick snack, maybe a shower, and go to bed. I was quickly reminded I married an idiot and bed time was far away. Sigh... I really don't know WTF he does all day! I called (twice!) to remind him to switch the clothes over, we're having pictures tomorrow morning and I need them dry! Nope. Still in the wash, and the dipes still in dryer. So I switched them over, started another load and folded the diapers. Oh where did my package go? Ah, I see it....spread all over the house. I had it all neatly packed before leaving (I was going to mail it to me, but DH decided to go play and leave me car-less) so it was awaiting a trip to the PO tomorrow. Now I had to repack it all, track down items, and try not to kill him in his sleep. On to dinner....oh, wait. No. He didn't wash any dishes. And the fridge door was open. Had to take care of all that. Then realizing the lack of dirty clothes/diapers, and the abundance of crumbs, I'm betting the kids didn't get a bath. So I go ahead and set my alarm an hour earlier to make time. Where did all the bottles and cups go? Sneaking into the nursery to retrieve them. Then wash, dry, fill and put them in the fridge. Let's pack the diaper bag. Where are the wipes? and the solution? and the wetbags? Of course they're buried in a pile of CLEAN clothes on the floor. Where are you supposed to keep them? Can't pack the clothes, they're still wet. Packed diapers. We're out of formula? You would think that would warrant a call to pick up some. Alarm gets set back another 15 minutes. Maybe a quick shower...wait...WHY is the tub full of clothes (which I'm pretty sure I washed yesterday) and DIRTY diapers? Clean clothes go back in the dirty basket, dipes get rinsed and put in the pail...6 inches away. But where did my shampoo go? Spilled on the floor? Why not?! Adding to the grocery list with formula. I can make is filling up. No hot water. Let's try dinner again. Clean plates? Check. Clean fork? Check. Quick meal? Uncheck. He fed my midnight tv dinners to the kids. Adding muffins to the grocery list, and setting the alarm back another 10 minutes. Let's make sure Austin's school stuff is together. Where's the folder? Backpack? Homework? Scattered about of course! Gather, check, pack and set by the door. Full of crumbs. Pick them up individually so the vacuum doesn't wake the babies. Is that coughing I'm hearing? Listen quietly in the hallway to determine which child. Silently feel thru the closet in the dark to not wake babies. Find, pour and give correct medicine to correct child. Check clothes in dryer...still wet. Maybe if my dryer balls weren't in the toy box they would be done. Reset dryer. Lay out clothes for the morning for all family members (but me, yet to pick out pic outfits). Set Lee's alarm. Double check list of needed items tomorrow. Sit down to breathe. Realize that if I fall asleep right this second, I can get 3 hours of sleep. So much for straight to bed after work. Let's hope my make-up can cover dark circles!


  1. I really think that men just don't think like we do. We walk into the kitchen and see a mess, they walk into the kitchen and think "food". They can't "see" it and if they can it doesn't bother them so it doesn't occure to them "maybe I should clean." Men just think on this level about most things. Including the laundry! MEN!

  2. Sounds like my nights! But with 3 hours of sleep waiting I usually just stay up and do deep cleaning or something else