Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going to the dentist

Since I've been married, I haven't actually made it to the dentist. With no insurance and no money, dental care just wasn't a priority. But I recently started cutting a wisdom tooth, and realized I should probably go. The questions were flying around my head like lightning bugs in a jar. How will I find one? How much would it cost? Can I transfer my dental records from my previous dentist? What if I need surgery? Or a specialist? Can this fit in my work schedule? As the questions mounted and answers remained unknown, I was off to search the internet.
First step was to find a dentist who would take me without insurance. Not an easy task.I Googled every combination I could think of, and still had no answers. But then I came across this website all about dental care at low cost. It seemed like a no brainer. It helps you locate a dentist, offers many dental services such as whitening and specialists, and had affordable payment plans for people like me. They answered all of my questions, and helped me conquer my fears of going to the dentist. Fears of not only the actual visit, but of the bills that would surely follow.
I was starting to get excited about going to the dentist! I could squeeze it in my work schedule, make payments on it, and see a knowledgeable specialist to deal with my combination of false, real and incoming teeth. It was perfect! Now if I could only convince my husband that he should go to the dentist too! With this site, we can start going to the dentist for regular check-ups, and stop avoiding good dental care simply because of cost.

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