Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A friend of Lee's from work invited us to go out Saturday night! Finally, a night out with adults. Their daughter is going to keep the babies and Austin is staying with Grandma. They used cloth diapers on their kids, so I'm especially excited to show off my stash! I have no idea what we're going to do. A walk downtown and probably hit a bar or club. And I'm so nervous! It's not really my scene, and I certainly cannot dance, so the evening should be interesting. I'm sure Chloe will be fine, but I do worry about Will. He just isn't used to leaving Mommy.

On a different note, I've started altering our daily routine to match Austin's new school schedule. Now the babies can take a nap while he's at school, and be up in time to pick him up. Which saves me so much grief! Now if Chloe would just fall into place I'd be all set. However, this little princess has plans of her own. And none of them include sleep. One day I will sleep through the night again, completely uninterrupted. And it will be heaven. Until that day, my zombie-like state of grogginess- which happens to match my zombie-like complexion- will just have to suffice. I'm learning to function quite efficiently on a few short hours of sleep.

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