Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ah, life

I can't believe it's been so long. Time just slips away from me. There's just soo much going on in life, I can't manage to get a hold on things. Austin is in school now and doing well. He is going to start seeing a child psychiatrist. Hopefully with that and the therapies at school we will some improvements. Both babies are doing well, and growing more each day. Chloe still doesn't sleep, but at least she's happy (most of the time). Will is cutting teeth and has not been doing well wit it. He was running a fever tonight and refused to eat anything but chicken. Grandma even took him to Burger King hoping he would eat, but to no avail. Lee starts school next month. We're very excited. We finally had out appointment with the VA last night. They took x-rays and he saw a few different doctors to be fully evaluated. While it wasn't an entirely pleasant trip, it gave us some much needed alone time and a chance to talk some things out. Today was not easy, but we only had two small fights, and made up quickly. We're making progress. My parents came by to see the children, and of course my mother shot my self esteem down in the first few minutes. But what was I expecting? Overall, we seem to be on the right track in life, it's just a sloooow process getting there. It's just going to be rough for a while until things are settled. Hopefully one day we can have a happy marriage, and three strong healthy children. Until then, every day is a battle and every challenge a lesson to be learned.

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